I’m going to be honest. I was not sure that this was a topic that I wanted to tackle.  It’s so much easier to talk about faith and a love for Jesus.  Those topics tend to feel good.  Topics like Childhood Trauma are hard.  They are the ones that get swept under the rug, despite the fact that so many people experience it in one form or another.  There are countless persons that while they were yet children, before they experienced anything in this life, they experienced childhood trauma.  Trauma that affected their outlook of people, stole their innocence, and contaminated trust in those that were supposed to protect them.    This includes abuse physically, mentally, and even sexually.  I was also a victim of childhood trauma.  While I thought “It’s fine, I’m over it”, looking back I can also see how it affected me straight into adulthood.  While I am not an expert in dealing with childhood trauma, there are a few things that I sincerely want you to know.

It Was Not Your Fault

It is so tempting to feel like somehow there was something you could have done differently.  If you had spoken up sooner.  If you were a little more quiet.  If you did not go to that particular place.  When I experienced my own personal trauma, I blamed myself for years.  I actually spoke to someone about it and their response was so stern.  He said, “You were a CHILD!  Do you understand that?”  You see I was looking at that experience with the mindset of an adult.  The mindset that I was currently in.  I was not looking through the lens of the child that I was.  I don’t know when your trauma occurred.  3 years old, 5 years old, or 8 years old.  Whenever it occurred, I want you to think of another person that is that same age.  If you heard about your story happening to them, would you blame them?  Of course not.  Release yourself from condemnation now.  Do not carry this burden one more day.  It was not your fault.  You were just a CHILD!

God is the Ultimate Judge

I did not get justice.  Absolutely nothing came out of the situation.  No one went to jail.  It happened to me and that was it.  There are so many like myself that never see justice.  As a matter of fact, in some cases it is completely covered up.  There are some victims that have to live and be around those that inflicted the trauma.  I had to learn that there are some things that we have to just leave to God.  You may not have seen justice in the way that you wanted, but that does not change the fact that God is the Ultimate Judge.  Being the Ultimate Judge means that no one will get way from God and one day, that person will face judgment. In other words, God will have the final say.

You are not Broken Beyond Repair

The residue of abuse often times lead to brokenness in many areas.  Trouble forgiving, Trouble trusting, Cycles of dysfunction, are just a few.  The longer you find yourself in these cycles, the easier it is to feel like you are irreparable.  I want you to know that this is a lie designed to keep you from truly healing.  You are not broken beyond repair.  God can and is readily waiting to heal you.  Think of it this way.  God created you from absolutely nothing. He can certainly take you and make you brand new again.  I’m not saying that this healing is over night, but over time God can definitely restore you.

Some practical steps you can take to initiate this healing is accepting God into your life as your Savior, praying about the trauma asking God to give you His perspective, or talking to a trained professional like a counselor.

While this blog is not one that I would normally post, I really felt like someone needed help in dealing with their childhood trauma. Know this!   You are loved totally by God.

Sending you lots and lots of virtually hugs.

As always,

Be Strong, Be Courageous, Serve God Wholeheartedly.


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