I absolutely love to travel.  I love to experience new places, new cultures, new foods, and new people.  Yet, one of my favorite parts of travelling is the airplane ride.  For some reason, each time I look out that window, like a little girl, I’m amazed at the wonders of God.  The clouds, the sky, the seas, creation begins to testify that God is indeed all powerful.  On my last trip, as I looked out the window, I noticed something different. It appeared the plane was moving so slowly.  From the inside of the plane, there appeared to be little progression.

Of course, the average speed of a plane is over 500 mph so my perspective was completely wrong.  This made no sense to me.  How can I, the person with the closest view, the person inside the plane, not be able to know just how quickly the plane was moving?

This scenario gives an accurate picture of what some of our lives look like.  Silently, we carry burdens on the inside feeling like we are not progressing.  We feel like our forward movements are slow.  Yet progression is taking place more rapidly than our visible eyesight can see.  Just as I felt on the inside of the plane, you may feel like you have the closest view to your life.  You may be asking, “Why can I not detect that I am moving forward?”

Chances are you are focusing on a partial view of the journey.  From the inside of the plane, I only had a partial view.  However, if I sat on the outside of the airplane, the rate at which that plane was moving would be evident.  In our own personal lives, we tend to focus on what is broken.  We look at all that is going wrong.  The fact that the bills are not paid, the fact that we feel rejected or overlooked, the fact that we cannot seem to get it together. We maximize our flaws, insecurities, and issues.  In the end, minimizing the progress we have made because our magnifying glass is only fixated on a portion of the map.  Here is what I need you to do.  Take a moment, step back, and reflect on how far you have come.  Think about where your life was 5 years ago, 3 years ago, or even last year. Ok, done?  Chances are you have come so much further than you have realized.

Now that you have looked back, understand the measurement of your progress will never be completely accurate looking forward. Why? Well…your measuring stick is just too short.  Can you imagine trying to use a ruler to measure the distance a plane should fly? That would be totally pointless because the ruler is incapable of stretching into that distance.  This is exactly the way that we look when we try to measure our progress based on our own standards. You may think that you should be at a particular place in your life right now, however God has a completely different plan on where you should be in this moment. Since you do not know the future or the whole story of your life, it is impossible to measure based on your limited knowledge. God’s wisdom is infinite.  Furthermore, even Gods foolishness is wiser than any human being (1 Corinthians 1:25).  Our standard of where we think our life should be can never compare to where God knows that we should be.  In short, throw away your measuring stick and trust God.

On this beautiful Monday morning, I came by to remind you that you are not stuck. You are not stagnant.  You are not failing at life. Instead get dressed, take a cute selfie, and trust that God is leading your life.  In moments when you feel stuck, remind yourself that God has a plan for your life and it will come to pass.  Rest in the faithfulness of God!

Until next time…

Be strong, Be Courageous, Serve God Wholeheartedly


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