When a new believer surrenders their life to Jesus, in most cases, there is an intense zeal and passion for spiritual development.  Just like that, a new spiritual appetite emerges with an increasing desire to know more about God and everything attached to His kingdom.  I often refer to this phase of salvation as “new babe fire”.  The “new babe fire” is loaded with what feels like uncontainable excitement and wonderful adventure. There are few, if any, encounters in life that can invoke these emotions.  In other words, that new babe fire is everything hunty!

Still, every relationship in life matures, even ones cocooned with new babe fire. I was not exempted from the “new babe fire” phase.  Actually, I remember it quite vividly.  I promise you, if I perceived God told me to run in front of a car, I probably would have without question . Eagerness and excitement filled me with every move God made. I do mean every move. I was overjoyed when God spoke to me in a dream, gave me a prophetic word, or if I felt goose bumps from His Presence. You can read more about my experiences with hearing the voice of God here.

Still, over time the unexplainable happened.  My relationship with God matured.  It’s not that I didn’t love God anymore, but I could not deny that our relationship felt different. We passed the infatuation phase. Dare I say it?!?! Our relationship felt stale.

In this “stale” place, many Christians tend to find themselves confused, distraught, and disconnected. Usually, it is perceived that since their relationship with God does not feel the same, this must be an indicator that something is wrong.

If that’s you, don’t be alarmed. I’m here to assure you that it’s not the end of the world and give you some insight on how to get your groove fire back.

Demolish Believers Guilt

Guilt is a weapon that is meant to paralyze you.  Have you ever heard of mommy guilt? Although I’m not a momma yet, I have enough friends and family that are mommas to know all about mommy guilt.  Sometimes when mothers do not give their children the time and affection they believe the child should receive, mommy guilt creeps in. This happens when mothers have to work, travel, or spend time working on other projects.  In a similar fashion, believers also experience guilt. I’ll name is “believers guilt”. Guilt when we do not pray as we should, Guilt when we do not read our Bible as often as we perceive, or just guilt for making a mistake when we know better.  The danger with guilt is this paralyzing mechanism will convince you to stop trying because, in your heart, you believe that you are failing God.  Guilt will convince you to stay right where you are because you believe moving forward will prove to be unsuccessful.

It’s time to demolish every feeling of guilt paralyzing your relationship with God. Let me start by saying God is not mad at you because you have not been praying 6 times per day. Since God is not holding it against you, you should not hold it against yourself. God does not view you as a failure. To be honest, God is not expecting perfection from you because God is not like humans.  He does not measure our value based on what we do or do not do.  Whether you pray all day nonstop or do not pray at all, you still mean more to God than you can ever comprehend.  While we were sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8).  Before you did one thing right in this world, Jesus already gave up His life for you without condemnation (Romans 8:1). God’s perspective of you will never change. Actually, God is waiting to guide you back into new adventures with Him, but first, you should shake every feeling of guilt off.

Build New Ways of Experiencing Intimacy with God

In a marriage, after a few months or years, the honeymoon phase comes to an end. Although love is still strong between spouses after the honeymoon phase, this love has evolved into a mature love. Love that is sober and not easily shaken. Love that has been tested creating a stronger bond. Unlike the infatuation felt in the honeymoon phase, matured love is no longer led by heightened feelings. What was once exciting is probably not as exciting anymore. The end of the honeymoon phase is not bad in itself. It simply means, spouses often have to be intentional about not getting caught up with routines and nurturing the sparks between them.

Similarly, building new ways of experiencing intimacy with God will be important as your relationship with Christ matures.  In other words, stir yourself up.  People stir themselves up differently.  For some this may mean changing scenery as quiet time with God is spent. For others, it may mean adding supplement resources into their studies.  Resources such as books or sermons. For another, it may look like a time of fasting and seeking God.  There is no set pattern or formula.  Similarly, your pursuit of deeper intimacy is unique.  If you have to praise. Praise! If you have to cry out to God, Cry! If you have to shout, Shout! If you have to sit silently and listen, Listen! It does not matter which path you choose to experience intimacy with God in a new way. Just do something!

Be Consistent

Start with taking baby steps daily and being consistent with those steps. Perhaps you have not been spending a lot of time praying, reading, and worshipping.  There is no magic wand you can wave to make this happen overnight. Therefore take small steps and work your way up.   Pray a few minutes a day.  Read one scripture a day. Sing one worship song in the morning.  As you are consistent, you will see an increase in desire and passion.  Consistency will be the foundation on which your spiritual appetite will grow.

Walking with God is not a sprint, but it is a life-long journey.  The prize is not given to who crosses the finish line the fastest, but to all that cross the finish line (2 Timothy 4:7). Do not give up because your relationship with God does not feel like it once did. Instead, increase your desire for intimacy with God once more through demolishing believers’ guilt, creating new ways of intimacy with God, and being consistent.  Applying these principles will set you on a path to completing your journey victorious. Finish strong my friends…..Finish strong.

Until Next Time.

Be Strong, Be Courageous, Serve God Wholeheartedly


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