What am I good at?  This is a question I used to ask myself a lot.  As a young lady in my early twenties, I did not think that I was good at anything per say.  I could not sing, definitely had two left feet, and I was not entertaining.  My personality felt pretty conservative and some would even translate it to boring.  Fast forward to 2020, I can identify so many gifts and talents that I have. I always had these talents and gifts.  It is just that I was unable to identify them.  I know somewhere out there in internet land, there is someone reading this that has the same question I once did. You may be asking yourself, “What is my talent from God?”.  I’m glad you landed on this page.

Before we get into identifying your talents, I want to make this extremely clear to you.  Every single human being walking this planet has at least one talent. If you have been feeling like you are the exception to this, I’m here to tell you that’s a whole lie and then some.  The fact that you are here on earth means that you have a purpose.  Your gift (s) or talent (s) is the tool that will be used to help you to accomplish this purpose.  You not having a talent would be like God sending someone to build a house without a hammer, drill, or any other tool.  That would be absolutely impossible, not to mention insane.

Chances are, you are using your gifts so naturally that you do not even recognize it as a gift. Let’s do an inventory check.  Think for a second. Ask yourself this question, “What can I do or what am I good at that others around me struggle to do?”  If you are able to perform a task and there are people around you that can not do the same…DING DING DING!  Chances are you are gifted in this area.   Are you super organized? Do you love to encourage people? Were you always good at talking or communicating?  Do people follow you naturally? Do you plan out everything?

Another question you can ask yourself to identify your talents is “What do people constantly come searching for from you.”  As a teenager, I was always the friend that people sought advice from.  I don’t know why because I sure did not take most of the advice I gave.  Nonetheless, it turns out I had a natural gift to encourage others.  Your turn. What are you constantly being asked to do by other people?

Once you have completed this assessment and identified your gifts,  it’s time to start considering ways to develop and use your gift.  Here is the harsh truth about gifts.  Either you use it or lose it.  Matthew 25:14-30 tells a parable about talents. The clip notes version goes something like this.   A master gave three servants talents.  One servant got one talent. The second servant got two talents. The third servant got five talents. The master then went away on a journey.  The servants that got two and five invested their talents.  When the Master returned, He was pleased and doubled their talents.  The servant that got one talent did not use his talent and buried it.  The Master was angry and ultimately took this servant’s talent.  He gave it to the servant that originally had five talents. My question to you is, what will you do with the talents God has given you?

If you are unsure which direction to take your talents or even if you are sure, pray about it. Let God direct you on how best to utilize your talents.  As God started to open my eyes showing me my talents, I began praying to Him about them.  In prayer, I gave God back my talents, vowing to use them to honor Him.  Truthfully, the more that I use each talent to glorify God, the more my eyes are opened to more talents.  I believe with all my heart, the more that we honor God by using what He has given us responsibly, the more He will entrust us.

If you cannot remember anything else from this blog, remember this.  You are gifted and if you trust God, He will reveal every single talent that He has placed on the inside of you. Yes I know, discovering who you are and all the complexities that come along with that is not always easy.  Still, I promise you, it is so worth it in the end.

That’s it for today.  If you have any questions or comments, I’m always just an email or message away.  I always love to hear from you guys.

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As always,

Be Strong, Be Courageous, Serve God Wholeheartedly


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