I’ve been having somewhat of an internal tussle throughout the past few months.  As of late, there has been an influx of more and more ideas flowing in my mind.  For a while it felt a little bit like a wrestling match.  I would ask God questions like, which ideas should I pursue now?  How do I know if this idea is from You? When is the best time to pursue this dream?  In all truth, I did this as a precaution to guard my motives and ensure that I was not doing anything out of the will of God.  You see, when I wrote my very first book I’m 25, Now What?, I knew without a doubt, this is what God wanted me to do.  Inwardly I had a strong desire to write, as well as The Lord was sure to send several voices to confirm and affirm this desire.  In more recent times, that voice has not been as loud as it was the first time.  This led me to a place of doubt.  A place of wondering if this is really God…

Then it happened.  The revelation hit me.  As Christians, we have mastered the shout in church.  We have mastered screaming “I receive it!”  We have no problem hearing what God wants us to do.  What we have not mastered is executing and truly walking out on faith.  During this time, God gave me the urgency to Just Jump.  No more excuses.  No more being deep. Just Jump!

You may be wondering, when is the best time to follow your dreams. The answer is now.

Stop Waiting for the Complete Story

There are many times in our journey that we are waiting for the complete story from God. We have a desire to be in control and know every single detail of how God will bring this dream to reality.  In your heart of hearts, you know that God wants you to start a business, write a book, create designs, or develop new technology.  Yet because God has not given you the step-by-step manual, you would wait while saying things like, “In God’s timing”.

Honey, there are several ways that God speaks.  As you walk closely with God, a beautiful exchange takes place.  His desires then become your desires. It is God that placed His desires in your hearts.  In other words, granted you are purely in pursuit of God, the fact that you desire to be an entrepreneur, go to college, write, coach, or vlog means that it was ultimately placed there by God.  Since God placed those desires there, God also desires that He brings those dreams to fruition.  The fruition will not happen until you decide to execute and move in faith.  Not knowledge. Not understanding of how the story will play out. But faith!

Kill the Fear of Failure

I’ve also come for the person that has been hiding behind the fear of failure.  Let’s be honest…whenever we are walking into something new.  It is uncomfortable and downright scary.  This fear comes in because we have no idea how it is all going to work out.  I felt all of those feelings.  To be honest, there are times those thoughts still try to creep in.  Yet there are two truths that help me to get past fear and just jump.   First I know that God made it very very clear that He has no given us the spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7).  If it’s not from God, then where did it come from?  Well, it came from an opposing force.  Since there is opposition I know that I am only being opposed because this dream has the potential to work.  The enemy would not fight your business idea, that blog, or book if it was powerless.  Clearly there is more on the back end that you are simply not seeing.

The second truth is, I have changed my perspective on the fear of failure.  I realized that mistakes are all a part of the process.  Since you are executing something that you have never done, there will be a learning curve.  You will not get it right all the time.  You may actually fail for a while before you get it right. That is Okay!  Do not run from pitfalls, understand that it is a part of the process that every successful person has encountered.

Put Away the Fear of Missing God

Ultimately, God is in complete control of your destiny.  He knows the end from the beginning.  I truly believe in my heart, that as you walk with God, there is no way you can truly miss Him.  If you are in pursuit of Him and somehow end up going in a strange direction, God will be sure to catch you and set you back on the right track.  If you execute too soon, He will pull you back.  I would rather hear God say, “You were eager to serve me and do my work.  You ran a little too fast and I had to pull you back” than for God to say, “You did nothing with what I gave you”

I do not want you to spend a lifetime in reasons why you have not walked into the plans of God for your life.  Yes, times and season do exist, but experiencing the manifestation of God is not done by sitting down waiting for the season to come then moving. Instead, it is experienced by actively moving and walking in faith until that season comes. I want to leave you with two words…. Just Jump!

As always,

Be Strong, Be Courageous, Serve God Wholeheartedly


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